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Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and today we’ll be talking about the basics of editing resources. To begin with I’m going to open our “About” page. I can do this by either right-clicking and clicking on edit from the Resource Tree or by directly clicking on the resource in the tree, doing that will take you to the Edit page view. As you can see everything from the “Document” tab down deals specifically with this document, but in this video we’re just going to focus on the buttons to the right of the “About” heading.

To begin with we have the “Save” button which is currently greyed out which means I can’t click it. That will become active the moment we make a change to something.

We also have a “Duplicate” button which will create a copy of this resource at the same place in the tree, with all the same content, “Delete” which will just delete this resource, “View” which will open the current page in the actual website in a new tab, “Close” which will just close the resource without saving any changes, and “Help!” which will actually open a new window on top of the current page going straight to our video section on our website. Let’s just try that.

You can see it’s taken us straight to the MODX training section and if we scroll down a bit we can see all of our videos here. You can actually watch all of these training videos from directly within MODX.

The last three buttons here are a little bit different. These actually tell MODX what you want to do once you’ve clicked the “Save” button. By default it’s set to the middle one, “Continue Editing”. What that means is if I click “Save”, it will actually take me straight back to the page I was just editing. This is the default behaviour which you’ll probably want to use most of the time.

If you adding a lot of documents you can click the button to the left, which is “Add Another”. Now when I hit “Save” you’ll get a “Confirm Navigation” page which is just MODX asking you if you really want to move away from the page you’re currently editing. Click “Leave this Page” and you can see that it’s straight away created a new document. If I just choose a template and add a title you can see that it’s created a document in the same level in the Resource Tree as our “About” page, but it’s not currently published, so it won’t show up in our website. That’s what “Add Another” will do whenever you hit the “Save” button.

There is also a “Close” button to the right of “Continue Editing”, which basically means that once you’ve saved a change it will close and it should take us back to our dashboard.

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