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Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and today we’ll be covering the MODX Manager Resource Tree. The first thing you’ll notice about the Resource Tree is how some of them are actually greyed out. This is because of the special setting called “Hide from Menus” which is turned on for the grey menus but isn’t turned on for the black menus. Let’s have a look at the front end of our website to see what this means. At the top of our home page we can see our main menu. We’ve got Home, About, What We Do, Work, Events, Blog, Contact. If we go back and look at our Resource Tree we have Home, About, What We Do, Work, Events, Blog, Contact. You’ll notice that none of those are actually greyed out, but there are greyed out ones in between. The greyed out ones in between won’t show up on any menus.

The second change that can be different between resources is that sometimes the titles are italicized. When a resources name is written in italics it means that it’s currently unpublished. Unpublished means that it’s not actually viewable from the front end of the website unless you’re logged in as a manager.

The Resource Tree represents the structure of your entire website. If we have a look at our site, under the “Events” section, we actually have two different pages, “Introduction To Blogging” and “MODX Content Management Training”. If we compare this to our Resource Tree, by opening our “Events” folder we have “MODX” and “Introduction to blogging”.

Since MODX bases the entire site menu off of your resource tree it makes it very easy to find things this way. However, if you have a very large site and you’re trying to find a specific page which may be listed very deep it might take me a while; such as a page in our training section. If I was searching for “How to log into the MODX Manager” it might take a while to find this through the Resource Tree, for this MODX provides a search. So, if I type in the title of the page I’m looking for, MODX will give “Search Results” before the normal Resource tree.

MODX also provides a right-click menu on every resource to access common tasks such as editing, duplicating or creating entirely new documents from this location. This can be accessed by right-clicking on any of the names or ctrl-clicking if you’re on a Mac.

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