How to add YouTube Videos To Rich Text Fields

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Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and in this video we’ll be covering embedding YouTube videos in rich text fields. The first thing you need to know is when you embed a video into a rich text field it treats it like a block, the same as it does headings and paragraphs. If I have my cursor in block and insert a video, it’s actually going to go between that block and the next. Not where the cursor is.

Let’s open the “Insert Video” dialog box. We can see here that it’s actually asking for a video embed code, to get that we need to go over to YouTube. If you scroll down to the details section there are three tabs, “About, Share, and Add To”. We want to click on the share menu. Click on the “Embed” option and below a text box will appear with text in it. That text is what you want to paste into your rich text field. You might or might not have this but, because the video I’ve selected is part of a playlist, there is actually an extra option directly above the text box called “Share with Playlist”. I’m going to disable that because I only want the one video I’ve selected. Copy and paste that video embed code into the dialog box and when you hit insert you should get the video up in our rich text field.

If you need to delete a video you’ve already embedded you just need to click once to the right of the video and then press backspace.

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