Scheduling And Publishing Blog/News Articles

Learn how to schedule and publish articles on your MODX website created by Dash - MODX 2.5.2



Hi, I’m Jason from Dash Media and in this video we’ll be covering scheduling and publishing blog articles.

As you can see I’m already in my blog container. If we just scroll down here you’ll see that I already have a blog post called “Training Blog Post”, but it’s currently unpublished. If we just click “Edit” on this it will take us to the editing page for that blog post. In this video we’ll be dealing with the features in the top right-hand side of the page.

First we have “Status”, which is listed as currently unpublished. This essentially does the same thing as the “Publish/Unpublish” buttons on the blog page. If we just change that to Publish this will make the blog immediately available on the website and as we can see it’s updated the “Published On” date and time below the “Status” field.

The “Published On” date and time options actually let us change which date and time the website will tell people that this article was published. So maybe we’ve published the article but we actually want it to say that it was done last Monday. We can change the date here. We can change the time as well if we’d like. By clicking “Save” anywhere that this blog article refers to it’s published date, it will now be these times.

The next two options are “Publish Date” and “Unpublish Date”. These are both used for scheduling. What we can do here is actually tell MODX that we want this article to be published on a certain date, for example, Friday the 6th at 2:00 am. We can select that date and time through the “Publish Date” buttons. Now when I hit save MODX will actually schedule this article to be published on that date and time. We can see that it’s automatically changed the status to unpublished, because that date is in the future and it’s removed our “Published On” date and time.

The “Unpublish Date” works the same way, only it’s when to tell MODX to remove this item. If we only wanted this article to be up for a week, we could set the “Unpublish Date” to Friday the 13th at 2:00 am and click “Save”. Now on the 6th of June, MODX will make this article published and then exactly a week later it will make the article unpublished, essentially removing it from the website so nobody can see it anymore.

The last drop-down menu we have on the right-hand side is “Created By”. What this does is essentially lets MODX know who the author of this blog is. Some blog layouts will actually have the authors name listed with the blog details as well. If that’s the case then this is where that information is coming from.

Once we’re done making changes we can just hit “Save” and “Close”. If we scroll down to our article list you can see that even though this article is scheduled to be published in a week, it still looks like any other article that’s currently unpublished. At any time, we can still hit the “Publish” button and then the article will be immediately available on the website, but what it means is that it’s removed that scheduling information now.

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