How to reset your MODX password

Forgot your password? Here's what to do. MODX 2.2.9



Hi this is Jon from Dash Media showing you how to reset the password for your MODX website. When you’re logging into the MODX Manager if you type your password wrong or you’ve forgotten your password it’s going to tell you, “No, your password is incorrect please double check the details and try again.” If you don’t know your details or the ones you have don’t work you can always reset your password by typing in the username in the “Send Activation Email” box and clicking “Send Activation Email”. That gives you a confirmation message, “Password reset activation email sent. Please check your inbox.”

If you jump across to your email you can see that you have a new email at the top from the website with my username, my new password, and most importantly a link to activate my new password. I’m going to need this password so I’m going to copy it and then I’m going to click on the activation link and that will take me back to the login page.

If you notice in the web address at the top of the page, there is an added portion after the “/manager”, that portion tells the website to activate my new password. Now I should be able to login with my username and my new password. I might as well ask the website to remember my password so I don’t have to login again and again.

Ta-daa! We’ve reset our password for the MODX Manager. For more training videos visit

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