How does Dash keep my website secure?

The reality is that business websites are under continuous attack. Scammers and hackers are constantly attempting to find a weakness and take control of your website.

As part of our Website Care Package, your website is is protected in the following ways:

  1.  Web application firewall to filter out the majority of threats and suspicious traffic
  2. Proactive server and website software updates to reduce the chance of there being a vulnerability to exploit
  3. Continuous 24/7 uptime monitoring so if anything does go wrong, or if a security vulnerability is identified, we'll know about it and can take action
  4. Ongoing regular website backups so that if anything ever did go wrong, we can safely recover the entire website

All of these work together to protect and secure your website while providing a reliable path to recovery in the event that a website is compromised.

Business insurance packages often include cyber cover. Please let your insurance provider know about these steps that we take to protect your website so that they are able to secure you the most competitive rates on your insurance premiums.

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